Mental health and children

More needs to be done to address mental illness in children in youth. Posts like this are a good way to get the discussion going!


Borderline personality disorder in children. As a person with boarderline I have educated myself on the matter. I like to be informed. But like any mental health issues, I worry for my children. I hope they wont suffer like I have. I have at great length discussed this with my therapist and group therapy people. My daughter at 5 years old is display early signs of bpd and ocd. My son is showing signs of isolation, anxiety and depression. My son has had counselling in the past after there were major concerns of clinical depression. He has learnt skills, and I’ve learnt his signs. I’m proud to say he has a major improvement. Either way weather they suffer or not. I’m proud I’ve educated myself to know warning signs and triggers. To seek early intervention. I’m also able to now teach my darlings the skills I’ve learnt and used to…

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