I started blogging in spite of myself, at the request of my therapist. I came into it with the idea that it was for teenaged girls who wanted to share their obsessions with One Direction (or whoever the modern-day equivalent of the Backstreet Boys are), but after a few posts I realised that writing has a cathartic aspect that when taken seriously, can be hugely beneficial. So now I blog. Sometimes more than once a day, sometimes not for a few weeks. Although a major goal of mine is to reach others living with mental illness and help educate my loved ones on what I’m going through, my main goal is to alleviate my own suffering through writing. It’s an added bonus if someone clicks to read, but getting it written down is ultimately the most important thing for me.
If you decide to take a look around, thank you! If you don’t, no hard feelings.
Now let’s get out there and all be excellent to each other.

If you’d like to read the posts on my old blog, go here: The Sage Mum


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